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From the quality of clothing hangtags, we can feel whether the quality is better or not by touching them. There are a wide variety of materials for making clothing hangtags. The production of clothing hangtags is selected according to the grade of clothing. Will use some often used material so clothing tag is generally used what material to make, the following for you to do a simple finishing.  Hope to help you how to choose clothing tags.

Common types of tags are as follows:
1、 leather :PU artificial leather, animal skin, etc.   Tags of this material are usually found on leather coats and buff pants.
2、 paper class: kraft paper, card paper, double-tape paper, corrugated paper, lightly coated paper, etc., paper class tag is often seen in our daily life, is also the most widely used the.
3、metal: iron, stainless steel, alloy, etc., for this kind of tag usually in some unique style of clothing, as well as some clothing with brand is hanging material, mainly has a certain style.

Of course, when they are enough to choose clothes, or according to their own love to buy, the grade of clothes is different, the quality of the clothing tag will not be the same.

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